We own the
Claim Settlement Network

Founded in 1998 by Chairman/CEO Paul Caliendo, PMCS was established to assist Payers and Providers with the medical claim processing, claim negotiations, and claim settlement process—especially out-of-network claims.

With extensive experience in the healthcare benefits sector and a background in business finance, Caliendo was uniquely qualified to tackle the inherent challenges involved with developing an efficient and cost-effective solution. With the introduction of the nation’s first and only Advance Funded Provider (Advance) Program, PMCS launched what would become the industry standard for delivering one-stop, out-of-network claim processing and reimbursement services at the best possible discount.

Although built on innovation, PMCS is equally grounded in time-honored, person-to-person professionalism—a fact made evident by the growth of the PMCS Proprietary Network.

Today the PMCS network consists of nearly
275,000 physicians, hospitals and ancillary
facilities providing healthcare services at over
600,000 locations nationwide.

Over $1 billion in claims are processed per year
through the PMCS Proprietary Network, saving
payers and participants hundreds of millions of
dollars annually.